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TrustedID is a proactive identity theft solution provider to individuals, families, and businesses. Recently rated 5 out of 5 stars by Javelin Research for its comprehensive platform of identity theft prevention. The main solution IDFreeze protects thousands of clients nationwide and is backed by a $1,000,000 warranty. With new products like Identity Threat Score, which calculates an individual's risk of identity theft, this company is innovating in this competitive segment.

TrustedID also provides Data Breach Solutions for businesses of all sizes and protects the identities of those affected. Based in Redwood City, California TrustedID is a growing and innovative company that offers a host of identity theft solutions.

TrustedID Features Explained

This is TrustedID's comprehensive solution which includes public database scanning, credit card scanning, lost wallet service, fraud alerts and much more.

CreditLock can be added to IDFreeze service for an additional cost. This is a great way to lock down your credit reports from all three bureaus. It can be unlocked if you plan to open a new loan or account but protects against anyone opening accounts without your permission.

Lost Wallet
The ability to store your important information with TrustedID so in the event you lose or have these numbers stolen one of the On-Call Protection Specialists can help cancel such cards.

Junk Mail Reduction
Removes your name from the most frequently used marketing databases and stops pre-approved credit card offers which is a great source of identity theft.

Spyware Protection
Included is state-of-the-art anti-spyware software which you can install on up to three different computers. Blocks hackers from obtaining your passwords and compromise your online information.

Family Protection
This allows you to protect yourself and your spouse, children and any other members that live in your household with the family plan.

TrustedID Summary

We ranked this product 1st in a great line up of other identity theft solutions. They have demonstrated the ability to provide quality trusted solutions to individuals, families and businesses. We really liked the new addition of Identity Threat Score which shows your immediate threat level to identity theft and provides recommendations on how to minimize it. At the lowest price point that we reviewed it will be a hard service to beat as consumers shop for the best protection for their tight budget.

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TrustedID review


Protection Features

yes IDFreeze
yes CreditLock
yes Lost Wallet
yes Junk Mail Reduction
yes Spyware Protection
yes Family Protection
yes Identity Threat Score




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$240.00 year family

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