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PROTECTmyID belongs to,Inc which is an Experian company. Experian is one of the 3 main credit bureaus that provide credit scores. With the vast experience in credit reporting it is only natural that they offer an identity theft solution like PROTECTmyID. Being a full service provider of identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution, is a fast growing player in the growing identity theft protection segment.

Currently PROTECTmyID offers one core product which includes protection for your whole family at a reasonable cost. They back up their promise with $1 million of insurance if the service fails. If you want a recognized and trusted brand then look no further.

PROTECTmyID Features Explained

Complete identity protection for your children. Helps protect your children from identity theft for a small monthly fee.

Lost Wallet
Should your credit, debit, or medical cards get lost or stolen you have protection. Lost Wallet will help you cancel cards and get replacements. If the product fails you can be reimbursed for any stolen funds that your bank or card company is not responsible for.

Internet Scan
By scanning the internet 24/7 PROTECTmyID can monitor chat rooms or other places that a thief may use your Social Security number, credit card or other personal information without your permission.

3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
If someone tries to open new accounts in your name it will show up on one of the credit reports. They will send you an alert that this has happened so you can check to see if it is valid.

Watch the Mail
Provides alerts if a change of address file is supplied by the United States Postal Service or various creditors. If someone tries to open accounts based on this new address you will know.

Peace of Mind
A dedicated Fraud Resolution Agent will be assigned to your case if you ever need it. This advocate will work with you to reclaim your good name.


If you have seen your credit report in the last few years you probably noticed that Experian is one of the 3 bureaus that provide that report. With the experience that Experian brings it is only natural that this company could produce such a valuable service to consumers called PROTECTmyID. While the service is comparable to others we reviewed the company was ranked 4th due to the lack of product offerings. We would have liked to see various product types and price points to meet any consumer budget.

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PROTECTmyID review


Protection Features

yes ChildSecure
yes Lost Wallet
yes Internet Scan
yes 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
yes Watch the Mail
yes $1 Million of Insurance
yes Peace of Mind



$12.95 month
$155.40 year

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