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Identity Theft in the News

Target Data Breach

January 26, 2014

The recent Target data breach that impacted upwards of 110 million people over the holiday season may have opened your eyes and raised the question of whether or not your data is safe.  The largest data breach in history has drawn a wide range of media attention.   Personal information such as name, address, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and even PIN numbers were targeted in the attack.  Thieves are selling personal information on the black market and the information seemed to be relatively easy to get. If you feel you were a possible victim of this crime go the FAQ’s from Target.

Is your identity safe?  Are you concerned that your personal information will be stolen?  Do you feel that you have taken the necessary steps to reduce the possibility of identity theft?  Maybe these are questions you have been asking yourself with the recent events.  Maybe these are questions you haven’t really thought about.  In either scenario, hopefully you will start to think identity protection and we can provide some insight as to what you can do to help lower the risk of having your identity stolen.

Now we are hearing of more possible data breaches from the likes of Nieman Marcus where a possible 1.1 million customers data was breached and as recently as January 25, retailer Michael’s could be the latest the victim of customer information being compromised.  Outside of the retail industry, the Affordable Care Plan website has gained much attention as one of the most insecure websites built that has a high risk of compromising personal data.

IdWatchdog Introduces idCHECK - Instant Evaluation of Identity Theft Risk

May 10, 2010

Recently this Denver, CO firm is a fast growing identity theft solution company that offers a suite of services tailored to meet the growing needs of consumers. With the release of idCHECK consumers are now able to get instant feedback on their identity risk. There is a three step process that only takes a few minutes to complete and when you are done there is an easy to read evaluation of your risk profile.

Many consumers are unaware of this new product but it is quickly being simulated by other companies. There is no monthly charge for this product rather just a one-time fee of $9.95. This product will not monitor your credit on an ongoing basis but rather show you the potential risk you have and ideas on how to reduce it.

Free Credit Reports Rule Amended by FTC

March 20, 2010

Effective 4/2/2010 a new Federal Trade Commission rule will help consumers of credit reports avoid spending more money on services they don't need. Currently there are some confusing ads for "free credit reports" which may require payment for some services. This new amendment will mandate companies offering free credit reports to provide a link and information to This website allows each person to receive their credit report once a year from all three major credit bureaus. There must be a clear disclosure across the top of each page that offers a free credit report with links to the mentioned website. Television and radio ads will be required to meet this new ruling effective 9/1/2010.

While you are entitled to a free credit report each year there are other services and features available from these companies including monitoring your credit or helping to restore your credit if an identity thief steals it. You can learn more about free credit reports at

LifeLock Introduces - LifeLock Command Center Protection Suite

January 10, 2010

Lifelock launched a new suite of protection to consumers looking for the identity theft protection. This new service provides a comprehensive id theft solution. Here are some of the new services offered by LifeLock:

  • Payday Loan Alerts and Reports - Notifies you of any payday loan activity with your name, date of birth and Social Security number
  • Sex Offender Registry Alerts and Reports - Lists registered sex offender records for your zip code. It will alert you if a sex offender is fraudulently using your address.
  • Public Records Alerts and Reports - List postal addresses associated with your identity found in public records.
  • TrueAddress - Designed to proactively detect any new address information in address databases nationwide.

To learn more about this new service click here.