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2010 Census Can Expose You to Identity Theft

This is the time of year that the government ends up hiring thousands of workers to pound the pavement collecting the 2010 Census. It is also a great time for identity thieves to get more information about you and use it to commit fraud. The Census is meant to capture updated information about you and your family as to better understand the demographics of the population. While a very important aspect of our tax dollars going to the correct places it also can provide a great open door for id theft.

The Census Bureau will never ask for your full social security number or email you regarding the census but many people don't know this and will get caught. While the actual 2010 Census will ask basic questions like how many people live in your home or what is the age of each person living in the house it is common to see criminals try to trick someone into answering questions they think are part of the Census. Such questions could include "What is your current and 2 previous addresses?" While this may seem innocent enough it is a great way for identity thieves to create fraudulent accounts in your name going to a known address of yours.

Keep the following in mind when completing the Census this year:

  1. There are no fees or money involved in filing the census information.
  2. The Census Bureau workers will not ask to enter your home.
  3. They will not ask where you work or how much money you earn.
  4. The Census Bureau will not ask to see past tax returns or W2s.
  5. They will not ask to see any bank statements or financial documents.

Be safe and be aware!

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