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File Your Taxes Early To Prevent Identity Theft

As the tax season starts it is important to file your taxes early so you can help prevent fraud. Tax time is one of the most suseptible times to identity theft and the IRS understands this risk. Learn how you can protect yourself this year and some warning signs if you may already be a victim. Full article..

My Credit Card Information Was Stolen

This is a personal recount of my experience with credit card information being stolen and how it feels to be a victim. While my story was not as bad as others have experienced I wanted to let people know that it happens all the time and what to look for. Full article..

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Protect Yourself on Facebook

The latest scam to steal your passwords and banking information may come from all your friends on Facebook. If you get an email asking you to reset your password DO NOT click more

2010 Census Can Expose You to Identity Theft

This is the time of year that the government ends up hiring thousands of workers to pound the pavement collecting the 2010 Census. It is also a great time for identity thieves to get more information about you and use it to commit more