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Identity Guard
Price: $19.99/mo
Identity Guard Review
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Price: $12.95/mo
ProtectmyId Review
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Price: $9/mo
Lifelock Review
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Price: $10.42/mo
Trusted ID Review
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About Us is designed to provide consumers with a fair and in depth review of the leading identity theft protection companies. There are many factors that consumers face when trying to decide on a company or product that will help them fight this growing crime. The information we provide is gathered into a concise format so each person can make an informed decision and get the protection they need.

While we don't offer an exhaustive review on every identity theft company or claim to provide such a service we can show you the best of the best. After looking into the different product offerings available from a variety of identity theft protection companies we decided to narrow our focus to what we consider the top five offerings. These companies have shown a proven track record to protect the consumer and the financial backing to provide ongoing support into the future. As more and more companies start to offer identity theft protection we will continue to review and expand our selection.

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What We Bring To The Consumer

  • Identity Theft Protection Reviews
    Not only do we offer a side-by-side comparison of the leading service providers you as the consumer can get in depth reviews for each product including TrustedID, LifeLock, Identity Guard and ProtectmyID.
  • Comparison Chart
    It is always nice to see an apples to apples comparison of different services available so the customer can make an informed decision. We show a side-by-side comparison including monthly price, spyware software, monitoring services, and much more. This is a great way to narrow down your selection to a few companies that offer exactly what you are looking for and in your budget.
  • Articles on Identity Theft
    With a growing article base focused on everything about identity theft we try to inform our shoppers with up to date information in the industry. Most of these articles are written by our in house staff and provide insight that is crucial for consumers trying to protect their information.
  • Recent News
    It seems like everyday there is a new data breach or story about someones identity being stolen. This is a great way to provide relevant news so consumers can see what trends are forming. If you happen to be someone affected by a data breach this could help inform you of what to do.